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Unique DNA markers provide irrefutable evidence linking an offender to a crime scene

Each DNADetect Forensic Perpetrator Marking system contains a unique Bio-synthetic DNA Code which is registered to the trained security professional. 

When called to the scene of an incident where a DNADetect product or system has been activated, the police may use their standard issue 365nM UV torch to look for a UV Marker on the perpetrator.

The UV Marker in DNADetect's products is Orange, to avoid any confusion with other products which may offer different colour UV Markers

Once in the police custody suite, the police will then check the perpetrator again for the UV marker and will then proceed through police process to take swabs from the marked area for submission to DNADetect's forensic Labs for DNA extraction using a process known as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 

If the sequenced code recovered from the perpetrators skin and clothing matches the code from the registered canister (which can be securely verified at the ISR (International Security Register) then this will provide the Police and Prosecuting Authorities (CPS) with irrefutable proof that the perpetrator was at the crime scene 

Key features of DNADetect's DNA Forensic Marking Sytems:

  • Forensically Robust - DNA Markers have been proven in court to irrefutably link the suspect offender to the offence

  • Intrinsically Safe - All materials used within DNADetect Jet are safe having undergone extensive Toxicology testing

  • End to End Secure - Every DNADetect Jet Device is registered to a trained security professional on an LPS 1224 Secure Database.

  • Accredited Training Programme - DNADetect can only be used by Security Personnel that have undergone an accredited training programme delivered through DNADetect's 'Trusted Trainer' network. This negates misuse ensuring that if and when deployed, the authorities can have confidence that the DNADetect was deployed as a last resort and inline with legal guidelines (within Common Law and Criminal Law - both of which are covered in the training programme)

  • For further information regarding DNA Detect Product Efficacy and the Evidential Chain, please see pdf downloads on this page.

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