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The world’s first totally robust modular Forensic DNA security system that can fit within or external to a door or window frame

Product Features:

  • Proven deterrent and  detection tool against robbery and burglary

  • Can be a standalone installation or, can be integrated into an existing alarm system

  • Small, flexible compact design with remote solenoid for deployment where space is restricted

  • Ideal for covert architectural  installations where flexibility and space are a premium

  • Instant covert discharge of Forensic DNA Marker

  • Multiple discharge jets for maximum covert marking of intruder’s (optional)

  • Safe operation from 12V DC

  • Activation can be from any input device (e.g. tamper switch, break glass sensor, vibration sensor or panic alarm).

Product Applications:

  • Can be easily fitted into Architectural Security Doors and Windows to enhance security by offering an 'after event' Forensic Security capability e.g. an Air Lock scenario where the offender is restrained. In this scenario the offender can be forensically marked between inner and outer security doors whilst being monitored

  • Fitting may be external (visible within architectural Door and Window frame system) or internal (unit is completely concealed within Door or Window architecture)

  • Can be externally retrofitted into existing Security Doors and Windows

  • Suitable as a covert Forensic DNA Security System to mark offenders in coordinated 'sting' operations e.g. Police Trap Houses/Vehicles and Void Property and Asset Protection.

  • Ideal for Retail, Banking, Protection of High Net Worth individuals and their property. Cash in Transit applications.

Premier Fire and Security Integrates Forensic DNA-Tracing Deterrent into High Security Door Systems - February 2022


DNA-Detect are now working alongside Premier SSL to incorporate the Compact DNA Actuating System within their high grade Security Rated doors.  To read the full Blog  Click Here

Premier Security & Fire, are the UK's leading supplier of ballistic, blast, forced entry & fire-resistant doors, windows, & gates. Ballistic Door FB2, FB4, FB6, FB7. Explosive blast: EXV15, EXV19, EXV25

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