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FAQ's DNADetect Jet

Q. Do I need to undertake any formal training before being able to use DNADetect Jet?

A. Yes, training in the safe and effective use of DNADetect Jet is a mandatory requirement for its safe and effective use. Please contact DNADetect for further information concerning your nearest DNADetect Jet accredited trainer.

Q. Can anyone be trained to use DNADetect Jet?

A. As a condition of training, you should be a licensed security professional and a member of the Security Industry Association (SIA)

Q. Is the product safe if I spray someone on the skin or in the face?

A. DNADetect Jet is 95% water. The propellant ‘flashes off’ at the point the product is dispensed. We do advise strict caution and adherence to the guidelines discussed during DNADetect training. If you misuse the product you are liable to be prosecuted in accordance with the law

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Please email for pricing

Q. At what range is DNADetect Jet effective?

A. DNADetect Jet can be effective at a  range of up to 6 meters.

Q. What will the Police do if I spray someone?

A. The use of the DNADetect Jet WILL BE CLASSED as ‘use of force’, and therefore MUST be properly justified in line with the law which is outlined on this site (please refer to the 'When to use DNADetect Jet, tab)

Additional Information


  • DNADetect and its accredited training partners provide the only UK externally accredited Training Course for offender marking

  • DNADetect Jet deployment has been shown to be an effective deterrent to violent attack


  • DNADetect Jet has true forensic properties and support including:


Expert witness testimony. This is available from DNADetect

LPS 1224 secure database for secure management of DNADetect Jet users details.

DNADetect Jet is a ‘one use’ product which ensures continuity of evidence.


  • Many competitor products are ‘multi use’. Whilst this sounds like better value, it is not. Principally, if DNADetect Jet is deployed at an incident and then taken as evidence to be used by prosecutors, it can be demonstrated that the product has only been used once.


  • A multi-use product could have been deployed at a prior incident and an individual marked with the product might have been sprayed at a unconnected incident and therefore not necessarily connected to the crime-scene in question.

FAQ's - DNADetect Compact Forensic DNA Actuator

Q. What is the key use for the Compact Forensic DNA Actuator?

A. The Actuator is designed primarily for deployment inside architectural access points where there is a likelihood or propensity for criminal attack. Its small compact and versatile form factor means it can fit in small spaces. Activation is simple via a panic alarm or break glass sensor (input devices)


Q. Can I operate the Actuator by mains and 12DC?

A. The Actuator can be powered by 240v AC or 12 v DC


Q. What size is the unit?

A. The main Box unit is 180mm x 75mm x 40mm. The external solenoid is 45mm x 45mm x 20mm


Q. What size are the DNA canisters and how long do they spray for?

A. The DNADetect canisters are 32ml and spray DNA for approximately 10 seconds through a fine mist. The Box and sentry units both come supplied with 2 nozzle types (I x wide angle and 1 x tight conical)


Q. How is the Actuator triggered?

A. Triggering can be from PIR, manual panic alarm, external remote monitoring, motion sensor, break glass sensor and tamper button. Once the Actuator is activated it will dispense DNA onto the target area immediately.


Q. How do I know whether to use the internal solenoid or the external solenoid version?

A. If you are short of space the Box unit with the external solenoid might be the best option. Although the main unit which contains the DNA canister is the same size for both internal and external Box units, the small external solenoid can be moved to a point close to where the DNA is being dispensed and only requires a small space for fitting (7cm x 7cm x 2cm)



Additional Information


  • Small compact form factor (internal and external solenoid versions)


  • Simple and easy to deploy and operate


  • Uses DNADetect forensic marking capability


  • The Actuator is constructed from high quality black anodized Aluminium


  • Robust design

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