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Technical Overview:

  • An integrated compact modular DNA based Forensic Security System which can be completely concealed within, for example a door frame or above any entry point.

  • The unique DNA and UV mark will forensically link an offender to a crime scene providing irrefutable evidence to prosecuting authorities

  • When installed above or within an entry point or a door, the system will activate when the door is attacked. The perpetrator will be Forensically marked with a DNA based Forensic Marker and Orange UV fluorophore, dispensed as a covert spray from within the door frame or over the entry point.

  • The unique DNA code within each door frame installation is backed up and registered on an LPS1224a secure database managed by the International Security Register (ISR)

  • The Forensic DNA component within DNADetect’s system is widely tested and proven in court as a highly effective deterrent to criminal activity.​

Compact Actuator 5.jpg
Comapct Actuator 7.jpg
Compact Actuator 6.jpg


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